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    Friday, January 29th, 2016
    8:26 pm
    Full name: Atticus Delaney Parkinson
    Inspired By: No one
    Alias/Nickname: Attic
    Character Journal: [info]atticus_delaney
    Age/Date of Birth: 18, 3/17/2000
    Place of Birth: London, UK
    Blood: Pureblood
    Year: First Year University
    House (Hogwarts) or Fraternity (University): Servitum
    Gender Identity: Male
    Wand: Wood: Birch, Core: Demiguise hair/Unicorn hair, Flexibility: Springy
    Played By: Ryan Kelley

    Appearance: Athletic, dark hair, tall, and fit, Atticus is the sort of figure most people envy. From a well-to-do family, with plenty of wealth, Atticus is meant to look good at all times. No, it's not some prerequisite to being rich, but he has an image to uphold, and has the money to uphold said image. He's often seen wearing plain v-neck shirts or button ups, while decked out in jeans and very rarely any hats. He wears his hair nicely, with a full head of it; though does like to keep it relatively short on the sides, and always professionally kept.

    Atticus doesn't like to go over the top, or stand out in his dress; yet, most things about him scream out his wealth. He wears a nice watch, his shoes are designer, his sunglasses customized and perfectly shaped to his face. He likes comfort, but doesn't necessarily like to flaunt his wealth. What he wears is for style, not to necessarily show anything off.

    Personality: Confidence is the first thing noticed in Atticus. Well-educated, and kept up on that education even outside of Hogwarts, Atticus is being groomed to take over the family business, and as such Atticus is well-rounded with a remarkable amount of book smarts. He's naturally a leader with his confidence and quick decision making, but this confidence can and will sometimes come across as arrogance.

    For the most part, Atticus is a nice guy; he's not someone who goes around making fun of people for the fun of it, he's not all that malicious, and he doesn't like to make people feel less than him because of his family's influence or wealth; yet, at the same time, Atticus can be a bit unawares of his own rudeness.

    Sometimes he can come across as incredibly arrogant, as mentioned before, and often doesn't take orders well. He is quick to anger, especially when someone punctures something he feels insecure about; he's someone who believes he can get his way, and as such is often fueled in rage or anger when he doesn't. Not that he throws a tantrum, but he can become stubborn and pig-headed when wanting something.

    He's ferociously competitive, and has no problem stepping on someone to get ahead. He may not go out looking to be malicious, but he can be if necessary. He'll treat you with respect, but sometimes might say or do something that feels a bit disrespectful. Those who know Atticus, though, often say it's just the way he's raised and 'he's great once you get to know him'.

  • Transfiguration
  • Incredibly smart in academics
  • Work in the Ministry

  • DADA
  • Lack of empathy
  • Failure would mean... failure?

    History: Born to Peter and Adrianne Parkinson, Atticus came into the world a lucky lad. He was born into wealth to a family that had been political figureheads within the Ministry and beyond for generations. A well-established family, originally from Ireland; these Wizards and Witches migrated to the Americas as far back as the beginnings of the country, like many Muggles did. They did this with the establishment of a new government, and figured they could get ahead in the political game early on, and sought after quick resources to grab after.

    Because of this, Atticus was never wanting for anything; that being said, Atticus has always been taught the proper ways and the traditionalist ways. While never strictly prohibited from talking or mingling with Muggleborns and Half-Bloods, and of course never taught to treat them as less than Pureblood; it's obvious his family, or at least some in his family, have up-turned noses at the likes of the other two. His parents were less so, and far more progressive than other members of his family and tolerated Atticus' friendships with Half-Bloods and Muggleborns alike as he went along; that being said, they often made sure to teach Atticus that loyalty to family and one's own blood was more important.

    At a very early age, his father was in need to expand his power, and sought after an alliance with a figure of desirable wealth; settling on a family with the last name Drake, a wealthy real estate and banker, the family drew a significant amount of wealth into the power that were the Parkinsons, and as such an alliance with them could create substantial holdings for some time. To make this alliance, the two families agreed to wed their children together, Atticus with the Drake's daughter Fiona. While the families were happy with this, the children were not and the first time meeting, Atticus pulled on Fiona's hair and pushed her down. They did not get along.

    As school came around, Atticus was sorted into Slytherin house because of his crafty intelligence and strong pureblood ties. Fiona came into the school a year later, and the rivalry between them only seemed to hold steam. Atticus didn't like her, and seemed determined around every step to push the idea of them being together further, and further away; not that she really seemed to mind, she actually seemed to be doing the same, much to their parents chagrin.

    Fortunately, though, the fact they were in the same school with one another, betrothed to one another, and traveled to the same social functions with one another on a monthly basis when not at school, they began to find some common ground just so they could have someone to talk to. This led to a budding friendship, and at a time started to feel more like a brother sister thing, with bickering, fighting, but a mutual respect against their parents wishes. It didn't bud into anything more than a close friendship until later in their school years.

    When Fiona started dating Jackson, a friend, though not necessarily a close friend, of Atticus' things really began to heat up. Atticus grew increasingly jealous and annoyed by her and Jackson's relationship, and was remarkably relieved to find out that they'd broken up when they did. During that time, though, Atticus began to speak to Jackson less and grew more agitated with Fiona whenever she was around or talking about Jackson.

    When she and Jackson broke up, Atticus decided not to go through that again, and that summer decided to bring it up to Fiona that, perhaps, they should give it a shot. That is, dating, trying to see each other on a romantic level. And so they did, and much to probably both of their surprises, there was something there that seemed to work. They understood what the other was going through, they cared about what the other did with their lives, they cared about the other's future. It turned out, being pre-arranged forced them to see eye to eye, and gave them an opportunity to actually be something.

    But of course, as soon as this happened, rumblings began in each other's families, that perhaps this relationship wasn't as beneficial as previously though 16 years prior.

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